You may recall seeing posts here and there over the past five months about a giant sixtopus or collage art project that i’ve been working on.  Average Believer art project is finally finished!  I hope you like it!  I posted it on my youtube page and also on vimeo.  there is a rambling description of why and how i made this little video.  

I’ve never made a movie before so it was pretty exciting to finish just to know that i didn’t fail.  if it’s good or not I  don’t know so you’ll have to give me your feedback.  

the coolest part about making this for me was the making a huge art project that i’m just going to throw away.  well it was trash to begin with, mostly holiday trash.  I will post some pics in a few days of the making of average believer so you can take a closer look at the weird stuff i made in the music video.