Singing from the rooftops in SF! #epiphone #acousticguitar #sanfrancisco #songwriter #rooftop

3 day Vacation yay! #sanfrancisco #magneticpoetry

House Party – New Song

House party last year first time trying out a new song with a friend via youtube

show tonight! At the Monarch 101 6th st San Francisco, CA!! I got to here yesterday with my partner and we’ve been having an awesome SF hot date. We are staying at a dingy little hostel with a shaky lock. I love it here! Getting coffee now at cafe Trieste in...

Road Diary

SF show was fun there were about 20 people there and most of them hadn’t ever heard me play so that was good. There was an adorable peanut gallery of guys in the front who kept asking questions. They said my music was too much fun for being born in Seattle. They...